Monday, March 1, 2010

Fitness Training in Indiana

Meet Jarod.

Jarod introduced me to my arms - a forgotten commodity for many bikers.

Jarod reinvigorated my core.

Jarod woke up my legs - in their winter doldrums.

Jarod was my trainer at the New Castle YMCA.

He would joke with me, jive me and scoff at me. Call me names - wimp was one of the nicest.

He made me work harder than I ever thought I could. He made my body hurt the next day and more.

Jarod would introduce me to stretches - an essential element of fitness especially for those past 5 decades.

And during these grueling workouts, we found time to chat. We were from two different worlds. As I sweated away he would talk about his deer-hunting and I, my bird watching. His shed hunting and my tree planting. (By the way, hunting shed is looking for the antlers shed by the deer in the late winter). His ice-fishing, my beach browsing. His wrestling and weight-lifting, my biking.

Having moved, I now go to LA Fitness. They only work on one body part at a time. The workouts are only 30 minutes compared to the hour I got in New Castle. They are focused on the muscles and have no time for stretches or philosophy.

LA Fitness you have nothing on Jarod.
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