Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tough training day

Hey, this was a cold day of training in Florida!

It was 40 degrees with a 15 mile per hour chilling wind. Luckily I was prepared for the cold, but Al wasn't. She got so cold that she took a break after 20 miles.

And the route we found on (normally a great site) almost got her crushed by a bus of mouseketeers.

So I biked another 12 miles while Al thawed in the room. Luckily I found more bike friendly roads.

Then in the afternoon Al rejoined me. The sun had taken the chill off of the palm trees and we biked another 18 miles. That's 50 for me; 38 for Al.

She was amazed that I wasn't sore. But then I bike a lot.

The excitement of the day was seeing a three car accident happen on Vista Blvd right in front of us. We stopped by the back car. The front of the car was totally bashed in with green fluid pouring onto the road. The air bags were deployed and the driver was so upset he could hardly talk. We called 911 and stayed there until the medics came.

The highlight of the day was seeing our first armadillo snuffling about in the underbrush. Four armadillos later they had become old hat.

Tomorrow pathology in the morning, Epcot in the afternoon.
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