Monday, February 15, 2010

Epcot Day

Happy Valentines Day!

The morning was spent in pathology studying breast cancer. Have they made it a tradition to study breast cancer on Valentine's Day? Wonderful to hear the progress we are making - both in understanding the disease and in treatment. Disheartening to know how much breast cancer is still out there.

The afternoon was free, no hotel room and we needed to stay off of bikes to recuperate from yesterday.

So we did Epcot.

I hadn't been to Disney World for many years since the four kids were little. Al was amazed to see a place so incredibly managed to the finest detail - the costumes and training of every worker, the cleanliness,  the anticipation of everything you could possibly want being provided - including the photographer standing there ready to take your picture together under the sunset lit Epcot globe - just pick up your picture at a site on the internet.

We loved the Countries of the World - pastries in France, elegant Arabic calligraphy in Morocco, candy sculptor in Japan, and amazing child acrobats in China.

But we were exhausted by the day's end. WHo would have ever considered Epcot as a cross-training?

Now back up to Clermont for a good night's rest before we tackle tomorrow's century.
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