Sunday, February 7, 2010

South Dakota

Wow! It's an absolutely brilliant sparkling white day in Indiana. And very cold. Another good day to recover and read.

Each week I read 2 days of the blogs from America by Bicycle building anticipation for the trip this summer. Today I read about our first 2 days in South Dakota.

Who would have expected such beauty from South Dakota? I've always imagined it as flat, dry and dull. But these are wonderful pictures of bikers in green valleys, in the black hills and admiring Mt. Rushmore.

They saw herds of bison with calves and were barked at by prairie dogs by the side of the road. Biking long distances obviously rattles the mind. Proof? pictures of bikers on the ground mimicking the prairie dogs.

But I can't go there yet. I decided to give myself one more day to finish my Wyoming books before I move on to our 5th state, South Dakota
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