Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Mighty Columbia River

Our bike ride in June will commence where the mighty Columbia River crashes into the Pacific Ocean like two hammers of Thor.

The Bar of the Columbia sets up waves so massive the ocean explorers  of the 1700's couldn't find the waterway into the continent.

This was the final leg of both Lewis and Clark and the Oregon pioneers. The powerful waters frightened Captain Charles Wilkes -"It is one of the most fearful sights that can possibly meet the eye."

Half as long as the Mississippi with twice as much water - it smashes through the Cascade mountains and sends a jet of fresh water 400 miles into the Pacific.

The warm wet winds from the Pacific are sucked though this gorge against the current - setting up the best windsurfing and kiteboarding conditions in the nation.

Bad thing - the best views of the Columbia Gorge, windsurfing and the awesome Multnomah Falls look to be east of Portland where our bike route swings south.

Good thing - Al and I will be landing in Portland by Thursday giving us a day to reconnoiter and explore the area. We hope to see the Gorge, the falls and the awesome Portland Saturday Market before heading to Astoria.
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