Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gramma Gene's Camera - stolen!

Al is very resourceful.

She has even found a new daytime exercise in Buenos Aires - chasing down pickpockets.

She was ambling through the town taking pictures with the lovely digital camera Gramma Gene had loaned her for this trip.

Lovely rainbow houses in her viewfinder. Two young boys - about 8 years old - come into view. She focuses. One of them leaps up and snatches the camera out of her hands! They bolt away.

Luckily Al isn't wearing her tango shoes. She takes off after them as fast as she can.

She's running down this street after this urchin yelling desperately in English setting up quite a commotion for all the passers-by. One kid drops out. The other with the camera continues on.  Al is sprinting. She's losing him.

But a young Argentinian couple is coming the other way and takes action. The guy blocks the kid. Kid drops the camera in his hands and runs for his life from this crazy American girl.

So Al has the camera back.

And she got her aerobic exercise for the day.
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