Thursday, February 18, 2010

How and when did Sacagawea die?

We will be biking along much of the trail followed by Lewis and Clark with their Indian guide, Sacagawea.

In fact, we will pass by her grave site in the Wind River reservation in Wyoming. Or will we?

Many stories tell that Sacagawea died a few years after the Lewis and Clark expedition as a young woman in North Dakota in 1812.

But many years later, a scholar found stories told by the Shoshone of a wandering woman who joined their tribe. Over the years she spoke often of a journey with white men on a river and showed a silver medallion she carried depicting Thomas Jefferson made for the expedition. This woman had 2 more children and died in 1884 in Wyoming.

Was this Sacagawea? A memorial stands at Fort Washakie  in Wyoming to commemorate her death.

  And was there romance between her and Captain Clark?

Certainly it is fact that after the expedition he adopted her two young children and raised them in St Louis.

Certainly I enjoyed reading  Stream to the River, River to the Sea by Scott O'Dell who made the story of this young Indian woman and their incredible journey across America come to life.

Our bike adventure pales in comparison to their experience crossing this great nation.
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