Monday, May 31, 2010

Life Changing Events - The Anniversary

Most life changing events come unexpectedly...

October 10, 1984

Another blind date.


But who would know
this tall young man
would change
my life

July 4, 1985

I woke up looking forward to spending the holiday with my boyfriend, Tom.

We would take wildlife photos at Eagle Creek Park... golf and tennis

...go out to dinner.

I never expected that
after dinner
in the parking lot,
Tom would propose.

(I don't think he quite expected it either.)

March 16, 1994

Woke up - normal day.

Unexpected meeting
with a
real estate agent.

Went to bed -

But then there are those life changing events you see coming from miles away.

And they can be scary!

May 31, 1986

The beginning of a new life.

After a long engagement.

all those wedding plans

...a new condo.

The wedding vows...

Tom and Helen

Husband and wife

...for the rest of our lives.

February 16, 1988


You saw it coming for nine months.


But nothing could quite prepare you for that moment you stopped being Helen and Tom...

...and you became Mom and Dad.

June 20, 2010

Bike ride across America.

OK. It's not the same as becoming a wife or mom.

But still, a life-defining experience.

Today, I'm a wife, mother, pathologist....

Tomorrow, a cross-country cyclist.

And based on my luck with my previous life-changing events....

I have a lot to look forward to!
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