Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Boys Biking America - they made it!

Yes! Amazing as it seems these two boys - 18 years old - biked across our vast country in 29 days!

They hated rough roads.
They loved hotels with good showers and dark rooms.

They got so tired that they would stop on the road and take a nap in the grass.

They got hit by rain so hard it hurt.
(Been there, done that).

They said the biggest challenge wasn't the physical, but the mental.

You should go on their blog and read about the end of their journey.

First they road into Savannah Georgia.

They rode through this beautiful city under live oaks, past historic houses.

They were greeted at the Atlantic Ocean by family, friends and supporters.
I just imagine the day Al and I will reach the Atlantic Ocean after our long trek across the country.
Will we still like biking?
Will we still like each other?

There is more to The Boys after the Atlantic.

They were invited to a special benefit concert for Haiti on Good Friday, the day after they reached the ocean.

At this Atlanta event they road their bikes through the amphitheater to a standing ovation by 12,000 people. As they reached the stage they were given a check for $10,000!

With this money they reached their goal of $50,000 to build wells in Haiti so people there will have clean water to drink.

Many of us on America never go thirsty.
When you're out on the bike you experience thirst, fatigue, hunger and pain.
You realize how important are these basic necessities of life.

How amazing that these two young men, soon to go to college, travelled across our country on their bicycles. They met these challenges and more.

Through their efforts they have brought clean water to many people in Haiti.

And inspiration to us all.
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