Sunday, March 7, 2010

The End of Winter

Snow was melting.

Temperature 52 degrees.

Time for the end of winter bike ride.

The trees were poinky - that's what TJ called them when he was little. The Big Blue river was rushing with the snow melt. I saw flocks of red-winged blackbirds on poinky trees.

And a chipmunk (well, he was home filling his chubby cheeks with peanuts from the bird feeder).

I saw new young calves shy near their mothers. There were 3 very fluffy sheep wandering on the brown field.

We still had snow hidden under some tree shadows.

I got to bike by our prairie. The grasses were all brown. I wonder if we should burn it this year?

It was a good bike ride until mile 29 when it started to rain.

A cardinal rule of biking - when it starts raining, DO NOT STOP!

If you stop, you chill, your muscles turn to stone, it is miserable. So once it started raining I charged on though without a break. You keep going and going until...

Ahhh. Home! Strip off the biking clothes. Hot shower. Warm pjs and a kitty.

Best feeling in the world.
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