Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Brother Chris

My brother, Chris, seen here with Al, has now joined the clan of awesome bikers.

See his comment to my blog, A Failed Century.

You can imagine my frustration a month ago when I realized there was a great bike ride to raise funds for Haiti but it was all the way across the country in San Diego.

I really wanted to bike the 80 for Haiti .

So instead I found a proxy.

Younger brother, Christopher Robin, just happens to live in San Diego. And he has been biking the last couple of years - to work, to the beach. Maybe 40 miles. Nothing like a hilly 80.
But no better time to start than now.

So I called him and offered to sponsor him on 80 for Haiti.

Problem - the evening of the bike event happened to be the big opening for his wife, Norma's, big art exhibit. Glad to say, he married the right woman. She said go for it.

And Chris took things a step further. He asked for more sponsors - people willing to support his efforts with all the money going to Haiti relief.

Chris reached both his goals. He succeeded in biking 80 hilly San Diego miles. And he raised $1,000 for Haiti.

I am proud of my little brother.
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