Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Friends in Oregon

The Columbia Land Trust has invited us to a send-off party.

As soon as they heard Al and I would be biking along the Columbia River they asked how they could help.

Help is what the Columbia Land Trust is all about.

I love browsing their website for pictures of the beautiful lands we'll see as we bike along the Columbia River.

But I'm most impressed with their stories of how people are helping the land.

I love their stories of the kids biking along the river to pull weeds with their parents. That reminds me of the many hours my kids spent picking garlic mustard off of our land for the price of a Dairy Queen.

The CLT newsletter tells wonderful stories of donations:

1. The young man who sends them $1.00 every year  with a hand-written note to take care of the environment

2. The 8 kids who wrote to their parents asking them to conserve their riverfront acreage along the great Columbia River.

3. The man whose pledge to his dying wife was to conserve their 2,000 acre ranchland...which they did.

And more....

If you want inspiring stories and pictures of the efforts people will make to conserve the natural lands near their homes, visit the Columbia Land Trust.

If you want to see the magnificent lands they've protected - old growth forests, salmon streams and mountain sides - you may want to bike the roads of Oregon.

Al and I will.
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