Friday, February 12, 2010

Bike training in Florida

OK bikers! There's only so much you can do on indoor trainers and spinning class. Hop on a flight to Florida and do some real cycling...

1. Get a flight to Orlando - Orlando is easy to find flights for. Fly Tuesday-Thursday for lower cost and less crowded flights.

2. Rent a car and drive NW 34 miles to Clermont Florida. Skip past all those families with the Mickey Mouse ears.

3. Check into the Marriott Fairfield Inn on Hunt Trace Blvd.

4. Walk 1 block downhill (yes, there are hills in central Florida) to the Cycling Hub.

5. Rent a sweet road bike complete with cycling computer, helmet, flat kit.

6. Ask the great guys there - real cyclists - where to bike. They can give you maps and advice. Where to bike for ice cream or an awesome German bakery. Where to find the toughest hill in Florida - Heartbreak Hill. etc...

7. Ask Jose at the bike shop to show you the pictures of his biking wedding - bride and groom in contrasting lycra, ceremony at dawn with lycraed minister just before bride and groom biked the horrible hilly, aisle lined by Trek bikes festooned with flowers, and the bride's bike trailing a delicate white veil.

8. And then go bike to your heart's content!
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